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New interview series asks CMOs their strategies during the Pandemic.

Marketing in the Time of Covid was produced in Singapore by Citron Violet during Phase 2 of lockdown.

Singapore based production company Citron Violet has released their latest original series Marketing in the Time of Covid on YouTube this week. The series interviews prominent CMOs from the tech, food and healthcare industry about the challenges and opportunities they found during the pandemic.

“The pandemic was making history right in front of us. We were so lucky in Singapore, as our lockdown was very structured and organized and it allowed production companies like ours to capture these moments.” said Citron Violet CEO Tammy Learn. “The one consistent theme across all the interviews was that no one saw this coming. No one was prepared on day one. We had an opportunity to capture the challenges, thought processes and innovative solutions from some of the brightest minds in marketing. This level of senior leadership during a crisis is the difference between those who thrive during a pandemic or fall to the wayside”

The series features interviews from CMOs and MDs at prominent companies including Dole, Citrix, Kerry Foods, and Element AI. It also seeks the viewpoint of sector experts like Edelman Health, food industry lobby group; Food Industry Asia and Bud Communications, a PR firm specializing in the tech industry.

“There were dozens of industries we could have focused on…” said Learn, “but we wanted to focus on tech, food and healthcare specifically as these were all impacted by the pandemic in unique ways. “

Executive Producer Esther Lussier said of the series “It felt like the world stopped for a while and companies needed to find a way to somehow carry on or pivot and relaunch - all very quickly. Before the pandemic “digital transformation” was a buzz phrase and most companies had a strategy already rolling out or about to roll out. Not only were these digital transformations highly accelerated, technology was hailed as a saviour during these socially distanced times and tech-based solutions and innovations skyrocketed”

Citron Violet are currently in discussions to expand the series into additional industries to form a comprehensive view of marketing strategies during these historic times.

You can watch Marketing in the Time of Covid on YouTube

About Citron Violet

Citron Violet is a Singapore based, female owned, independent video production company. We work across APAC to create both commercial and factual programming.

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