We are a full service media agency based in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on great ideas, exclusive publishers and good old fashioned customer service.

Chinese Media

Looking to reach a Chinese audience?  We work with the biggest platforms and most relevant publishers in the region.

APAC Media

In addition to industry staples like Google and Facebook, Citron Violet Media also maintains direct relationships with more than 200 premium APAC publishers.

Exclusive Publishers

We've worked hard to provide exclusive deals to APAC publishers to give your campaign a unique reach.



China campaigns require specialist knowledge. Experience with the nuanced laws and regulations for different industries along with a strong understanding of how best to engage and delight the Chinese public. 



In addition to industry staples like Google and Facebook, we maintain a relationship with more that 200 APAC premium publishers.  

We can create a media strategy for your brand that brings together the best publishers in the region for your target audience.



Citron Violet Media is the official reseller for Swipe advertising in APAC.

Swipe is a wifi marketing platform that allows brands to target high-end tourists via their hotel wifi.


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