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We've been told repeatedly to tell our story but instead we thought we'd publish a simple list of why we started Citron Violet

  • Because we’re good at it

  • Because the timing was right

  • Because if we didn’t do it, it would was a missed opportunity

  • Because we complement each other’s skills 

  • Because we’ve known each other for some time and realised we needed each other

  • Because we’ve decided to make it our own

  • Because women-led is better led 

  • Because we got tired of the bullshit

  • Because being a business doesn’t mean sacrificing honesty, customer-service and good relationships for profit

  • Because know a good thing when we see it 

  • Because we wanted the freedom to say no to unpleasant people

  • Because we love good creative and smart creative - that’s what fuels us!

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